Un accueil autour de la mémoire et de l'histoire

L'accueil à la chambre d'hôtes "les trois plumes" peut permettre de  faire parler les traces d'histoire du pays de Somme : vie de l'arrière, témoignages de vie quotidienne, poésie, journal de bord, photos, souvenirs...

Welcome, we'll talk about our common history during the first world war and after, welcome to share how to tell the stories and who were these soldiers came from down under and many other countries in the world.



Near Mametz  somewhere  in the fields you'll find this welsh dragon , the symbol of welsh army, so huge, so red, so beautiful and so frightening also.

My B&B "les trois plumes" so close from Villers Bretonneux memorial and Villers Bretonneux Franco-Australian  museum.

So close as well from Albert museum and the circuit of remembrance.

You coulf find  at your disposal, documents, books and newspapers in French and in English about WW1. (poetry, diary, photos)